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Shrunken and Cuckold to A Better Fuck

You've been a real jerk lately, and Katelyn's fed up with it. She's in a hot new dress and she's ready to go out and get herself a new man, someone who really knows how to please her. You don't think she's capable, but boy are you in for a surprise!

After showing off the new guy, your now-ex humiliates you with her new lover's giant cock while you shrink down like you usually do when you feel worthless. You'll feel totally emasculated next to his giant girth, all while he and Katelyn laugh at you for how pathetic you are! She even places you on his dick and goes down on him, giving you a true sense of your new, insignificant size.

Next she brings the both of you to the bedroom. She's already bottomless, and she teases you with her shaved pussy, letting you get close - but snatching you up just before you can touch it! Instead you're treated to a front-row viewing of her being fucked by her boyfriend, then callously shoved inside!

These two lovers really bring the heat, going at one another with intensity, knowing that you're trapped between them! Your struggles and squirms only fuel their fire! She moans like she never did with you as she's fucked by her brand new boyfriend, and after he finishes on her ass you learn that she intends to keep you around, to be used over, and over, and over...


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Product Details:
Producer: KateCore
17:10 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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