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A Giantess' Memorable Breakup

Katelyn cannot wait to show you, her boyfriend (Eric), some of the new shrunken props she's found. She's decided that she doesn't want your relationship anymore, and she remembers back to when the both of you made an agreement that if you ever split up, you'd make it the best day you two could possibly think of.

Katelyn has an idea. With the stream of giantess and fucking scenarios you've introduced her to, she wants to give you one last tease with the little props she's found. Sucking and licking on the little men before swallowing them whole. She even has you go under the table and look up as her massive boobs yearn to be released from her bra as they crush some of the props. She follows it up by licking the glass and sucking up more of them into her mouth.

But wait, you're not allowed to cum just yet. She has another surprise for you.

You start to shrink, much to your surprise, yet Katelyn gleefully squeals with excitement when the spell she learned from a witch actually works. THIS IS ALL REAL!!! The fetishes you only talked about and filmed a few scenarios every so often, you now get a front-row ticket of your very own! Your next challenge is to climb all the way up Katelyn's body from toe to juicy lips to get to your real prize.

You get bounced between her massive tits and licked alive while she decides what final fate you'll have during the breakup. After all, you wanted this to be the greatest day of your life, right?


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:09 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, GFE, shrunken props, cleavage, fingerheld, vore, under glass boob crush & lick

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