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Bound and Devoured

You wake up realizing that Katelyn Brooks, your ex-girlfriend, has you tied to a chair in her kitchen! She explains how she's shrunken your new girlfriend, and even eats her right in front of you as she jerks you off, forcing you to cum even as you see your girlfriend's last living moments.

Now that she's out of the way, it's your turn. Katelyn injects you with the shrinking serum then teases you, letting you watch her make the sandwich that will be your ultimate demise! She even gives you a little striptease as she makes the sandwich, leaving you aroused and desperate as you dwindle away to nothing.

Once you're shrunken, the final stage of Katelyn's plan begins! You're put into her sandwich and treated to an up-close-and-personal view of your giant ex-girlfriend enjoying her meal - and your doom! She taunts you to the end, letting you hear the sound of her chewing as you struggle helplessly in her meal!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
28:47 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sadistic ex, bound to chair, sandwich fetish, eating, vore, shrunken woman, eaten from feet to head

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