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Bedtime Surprise

As Jasmine stretches out on bed, she feels something under her, pleased to find a little man has climbed up onto her bed to play with her. She loves being spanked but he's too small to do it so she puts him on her ass and spanks herself.She takes her bra off, releasing her massive tits as she places him between them as they're cupped and squeezed against him. Jasmine wants to paly with him in her pussy, so promising not to swallow him, he's dropped into her wet groaning mouth as he's soaked in her saliva and dribbled onto tits, slurped up off back into her mouth over and over until she dribbles him out and he slides between her tis down her stomach where she lifts up her panties and flicks him in with her finger tip.But the reality of the dangers of being feed to a giant pussy dawn on him and changing his mind, tries to resist, but Jasmine's too worked up to stop now and fingers him inside her despite him trying to resist as she crosses her legs, fingering herself as theres no escape for im as he's feed inside her warm pussy. As he tries to get out of her she reminds him he was in her bed, he wanted this and he will now satisfy her dirty little cunt. Once she cums, he's fished out of her cunt as she sucks her fingers and licks him clean of all her pussy juice. Though she does get hungry after she cums, and decides to have him as a snack. Despite his screaming and trying to hang on, he's swallowed with ease all the way into her tummy.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
9:29 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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