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Shrinking Stepson

I married your father, a man half my age, in order to make millions. You're the heir to your father's fortune, and I've found a way to keep you under my control so that when your father dies, I will still control the money. I spent months seducing you & discovered that you have some of the same weaknesses as your father-- particularly my legs in pantyhose. One day I realized that you also love having me stand over you.

So my friend's visit today was a stroke of luck. I brought her over to show her how easily I can control you with my legs. She shows off her legs, and you respond almost in the same way. Then she tells me that it would be easier just to shrink you. I think she's kidding me. Shrink you? But she explains to me that she has a friend who sells on the black market, and then she shows me her shrinking device.

I try the device on you, and sure enough you shrink down slowly until you're so small that you can see the bottoms of our shoes. This is a perfect view for you, since you love looking up at my pantyhose covered legs. I decide to stick you in the front of my pantyhose. If being inches from them makes you weak, then sticking you inside of them is surely the ticket to completely controlling you.

Katelyn wants a turn, so I pass you over, and she sticks you down her pantyhose & panties as well. You keep squirming around & seem to be enjoying yourself. But your father will be home soon, and I must keep this a secret. I return you to normal size but decide that I will be shrinking you daily from now on. I must keep you weak & begging for more.

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Product Details:
Producer: Olivia Fyre
11:48 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
shrunken man, pov, pantyhose, panties, stockings, high heels, foot fetish, double domination, giantesses, two girls, legs, magic control, panty fetish, pantyhose domination, taboo, stepmom, step mother, rich wife, taboo, Katelyn Brooks, Lady Fyre

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