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Giantesses Punish Lazy Little Men

Katelyn, Ellie & I had a wonderful night out. Katelyn & I bring Ellie back to our place to continue the fun, but when we get home I happen to glance at the electric bill. WOW! It's so high this month! That little man we enslaved as our "fridge gnome" is really slacking. Ellie has no idea what a fridge gnome is, so Katelyn & I explain that he's a tiny man who lives in our fridge, and his job is to turn the light off when we close the door & to clean the bacteria from the food so it stays fresh longer. But this one has been drinking on the job, Katelyn points out, as she holds up a nearly-empty bottle of wine.

I pull him out of the fridge & almost him in wine, but then we decide to teach him a lesson first, and we slap him around with cheese, put him under our feet & step on him a little. Then we pick him back up, pour wine all over him, and drop him into the glass. Then Katelyn pours him into her mouth & crunches on him.

This alcoholic fridge gnome should be grateful that we ended his life the way that he lived it-- with alcohol. Now we have to go buy a replacement gnome & hope the next one is a better model.


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Product Details:
Producer: Olivia Fyre
11:10 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
vore, shrunken man, pov, wine glass, high heels, dress, toes, foot pov, feet, fridge, Katelyn Brooks, Lady Fyre, Ellie Idol

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