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A Smashing Sex Show

Katelyn's peaking with excitement about one of her biggest fantasies --studding you out to another woman-- coming true tonight. You'll soon find out, to your surprise, that there's more to it than that. Katelyn arouses your excitement by telling you about the --bangin' hot girl she met in yoga class-- while stroking you, and fucking you... within perfect timing. Your load spurts into and onto Katelyn's swollen pink pussy only moments before the special guest of the night rings your doorbell in anticipation of the fun to come.

Everyone will be immersed in hypnotizing sexual bliss, hard and cumming over and over, horny for more and more all thanks to taking Katelyn's aphrodisiac. And that's not all! Katelyn's gives you her next surprise by shrinking you both to a bug's size. The terror lasts for a mere blip before the aphrodisiac increases your pleasure and focus to fucking and cumming.

You're both enjoying your performance of a private sex show to Katelyn's satisfaction, as planned, but she now reveals a more dominant role over both of your shrunken sizes. You're both mere sex slaves for her amusement and by chance you don't fulfill her sexual desires, then she might please herself by crushing one of you.

Her pussy is massive in comparison to you. She could finger you both onto her clit and your remains still might not be enough lube for her to masturbate with. You follow her orders carefully, quite enjoying your new position to her regardless you're placed underneath her foot to be potentially squished if you don't put on a show to her self-indulgent sexual satisfaction.

How long will the shrunken woman be able to enjoy the pleasure? For as long as it --take a guess-- LASTS. It isn't long before Katelyn's words reveal a dark twist. The aphrodisiac turns any intense emotion into a sexual one, and Katelyn's getting a thrill out of pushing her colossus sole back and forth to deepen the shrunken woman's pleasure.

Mmmmh! Yeahh! Go ahead and cum again... and keep going! Katelyn's going to cum high above the live porn show, but this is just the foreplay to her orgasm. You have special instructions to make her come. Pretty easy, too. Just get out of the fucking way when she tells you to run!

You hear her pre-cum clicking around her clit with every swirl of her fingers, you feel the warmth of her sole descending upon your back, you run to a safe distance just in time. Katelyn takes the shrunken woman for herself but instead of lowering her pussy, she wiggles her toes and the SLAMS her sole down.

You both have an uncontrollable orgasm seeing the shrunken woman's body explode outward from Katelyn's big and second toe. Ohhh! Ahhh! And you're still horny, for more... you're not worried about being next. You can only enjoy what's happening or else the woman would have ran for her life! However, while Katelyn doesn't have a use for the remains dripping off her toes... she does have a use for you!

♥ Super hot -fucking- scenes full size and shrunken!
♥ Watch my shrunken sex show from floor view and my pov!
♥ Come get insatiably horny with me and have multiple orgasms!
♥ I give our special guest an explosive orgasm. Literally!
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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:13 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
special fx, sex, soles, crush, gore, shrunken woman, shrunken man, handjob, fucking, upskirt, pussy, masturbation, soles, barefoot, first person point of view, floor view, black dress, sex slaves, Katelyn Brooks


5 Reviews and Counting...

  1. boooure's Avatar
    very good
  2. Dre's Avatar
    This video is straight out of one my fanaticizes after I reached puberty and my foot fetish turned sexual. I would imagine having sex with a girl and right as we climaxed a beautiful giantess with gorgeous feet would step on us. I didn't understand this at that time in my life, but now I do and I am thankful to you Katelyn for making this awesome video. Please make more of these types of videos. Like a tiny guy jacking off as he looks up to you and as he is cumming you crush him under your bare soles
  3. berw's Avatar
    please kate make avideo were you and your boyfriends make sex over a little city and destroy all with pussy and dick
  4. Jack Sparrow's Avatar
    Jack Sparr...
    Katy, I've been enjoying the imagination you have, so close to my glory, as I beg to worship your feet as you taunt me as you slowly raised and spread your perfect toes above me, and loving to know how its going to feel as you slowly crush my ribs and body as your heat builds. I would do anything to be under your feet licking and worship your feet until its time for you to crush my ribs under the balls of your feet, enjoy me beg as you look down and twist and grinding me to death. Ahhh, what a way go. Tat2 Danny, keep ongoing .!!?
  5. JL's Avatar
    Replay, replay, replay! I'd volunteer to be the victim in a heartbeat! More SFX like this! ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png

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