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Lucy Teacher Panty Smother

Gentle giantess; Miss Lucy has accidentally shrunk her students and taken them home until she can decide how to fix it. She could not be more embarrassed or apologetic to them. Trying to decide where to store them for the day, she decides to try to store them in her breasts since she has no pockets and it might be a treat for them to make up for being shrunk. Unfortunately her tits are pulling at the stretched buttons of her shirt already, almost spilling out of her top and there's no way they can be safely stored there. She hitches up her shirt to expose her black lace panties, with plenty of gaps in the fabric for them to breath as she tips them in. As she starts to walk, they squirm and fidget against her pussy, she begs them to stop crossing her legs in desperation until she gives into them, bending over the counter, twerking her ass and rubbing her lace panties, pressing them against her pussy until she cums all over them, apologizing for soaking them in her pussy. Though it was kina fun, so they're going to be stored in her cum soaked panties for use later on as well.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
5:59 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
busting cleavage, teacher, shrunken students, in panties, glasses, handheld, breasts, upskirt, panties, pussy rubbing, thigh high nylons, garter, thong, ass, masturbation, black high heels, blonde


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  1. Jonathon's Avatar
    As a gentle and insertion fan this video is just wonderful as far as I'm concerned. I find Lucy's voice, the dialogue and the theme of the video all positively delightful and she's a real treat for the eyes as well. Hopefully her students told her how wonderful her cum tasted and they enjoyed their bath.

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