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Heels vs. Peels

Katelyn's roommate is so messy! How messy is she? Why, she's so messy she leaves banana peels on the kitchen floor where Katelyn steps on them accidentally! For minutes she washes dishes while smearing the banana peel against her sandals, completely unaware that it's even there!

Even worse is when Katelyn confronts her roommate about the banana peels - only to find another one on the floor! This time the bitch has no excuse, and Katelyn is determined to teach her a lesson. She's going to crush the whole bunch of bananas under her high heels as retribution!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:15 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sandals, unaware, food crush, banans, fetish high heels, red toe nails, roommate

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