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Digested by a Vore Goddess

Giantess Rachel has a glass jar in hand containing some of her biggest fans, soon to be inside of her stomach melting away with the food she's eaten today. They've all volunteered to be swallowed and eaten by her. She gives them no choice but to stick to their word. No turning back now!

"I'm just going to play with you for a little bit, feel you on my lips, let you touch my tongue, and then you're going to end up traveling down, further down, oh further down, in my belly where you and the rest of my little volunteers will be my complete meal today."

♥ Adam, one of the first guys who ever bought a custom video from her, thought that her shrinking people in a video was fake. He understands now that it wasn't!

♥ Eric, someone who only very recently discovered his fetish, gets rubbed on her shiny glossy lips, sucked in between them, shown where Adam went, and before too long... chewed and swallowed.

♥ Jason gets lots of up close and personal time with her mouth and before getting swallowed and sent down with the rest. (First person pov)

♥ Next up is double trouble! Bryan and charlie were always a team, and they both feel so good together on her tongue, between her big glossy lips, and inside of her mouth. *Gulp!*

♥ Steve was always a great fan and she's honored he volunteered but she never really liked him. Needless to say, she immedietly sends him to her grumbling belly!

♥ Derek and Nate are the last two, who she lets go together. She loved the double team last time- it was much more sensual that way!

"They're gone, but where did they go? ... Swirling around, and around, digesting in my stomach acid!"

After getting her fun from eating each and every one of her shrunken fans, she gets up to chase them all even further down with a glass of cold milk!

♥ You won't survive her stomach acids, nor will anyone else!
♥ Watch Rachel swallow fans by name, one by one and together!
♥ First of its kind PROP FX VIDEO! Includes 12+ internal scenes!
♥ Every stomach fx scene is unique and has its own custom sound fx!
♥ Hear Rachel from her bubbling stomach acids as her digestive system moans!
♥ Each fan gets teased and SCREAMS while getting swallowed! There's no escape!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
20:00 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, internal shots, digestion fx, stomach acids, sound fx, custom prop, mouth cam, pov, lip tease, long tongue, abs, belly, fans, cleavage, glass jar, Rachel


4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Jacob's Avatar
    Is that real footage of Rachel's stomach?
  2. Mr. Me's Avatar
    Mr. Me
    no it's just a prop. the inside pussy shots ARE real in the other vids though. i want REAL inside stomach shots. and real stomach noises from the giantess herself only.
  3. Najib's Avatar
    I wish to be swallowed by you
  4. Lulin Alexandre's Avatar
    Lulin Alex...
    I love being in Rachel's stomach with a nice hoodie mmmm

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