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Midnight Goddess: Basic Edition

Things were not looking good for them. At barely a half a centimeter tall, the world around them was large and dangerous. Their environment was unforgiving, terrifying, and worse yet, food was sparse. Foolishly of course, they first tried searching for food during the day, only to meet the very Girl who's massive house they now struggled to survive in. In just the first few days of searching several lives were lost... thanks mostly to the giant Girl who they now desperately lived off of... and feared.

The Girl who owned their world was larger than a skyscraper, and the ground shook where ever she walked. To her... they were bugs. Pests. Insects. Things to be crushed and thought nothing of. Trying to get Her attention, as they quickly and tragically learned, was a mistake. Oh, she would notice them. But not as people... as bugs. Unable to hear their screams or simply ignoring the tiny sounds they made, her enormous feet were all that those striving to be saved ever received- followed shortly by a horrific death underneath Her huge, soft warm soles.

Not knowing Her divine name, they quickly came to call the Girl who shook their world simply as, "The Giantess"... "The Goddess"... and... "Her".

She was no ordinary Girl either. Unfortunately for them, she loved power. She was nothing short of a Goddess. The bugs at her feet -whether it was them or actual insects- were not just killed, but enjoyed. Their terror, their pain, their helplessness, and their deaths fueled her. To be a helpless spec crushed under her massive bare foot was only to provoke her... resulting in Her soft divine soles covered in mangled victims...

The last life to be lost before they changed their struggling ways was Mellissa's. She was brave and determined to find a source of food for those she loved. Risking her very existence in her search, she alone managed to climb high up into the Giantess's world... only to tragically fall into the clothing of the unaware Giantess, never to be heard from again.

Starting that very evening, they agreed that crumbs would be hunted for at night, long after the Goddess had retreated to the upstairs to read her romance novels and fall asleep...

It was Midnight, and the quiet chirping of crickets could be heard outside. It was dark, the moon drifting in and out of the clouds. To many it seemed almost futile searching for crumbs now on the vast and barren floor of Her kitchen. They were hungry, scared, and scattered. That is, until Kaylee noticed a dark shape in the distance. It was far too big to be a crumb, but far to small to be an item of the Goddess's. After quite some convincing, Tim and Pete reluctantly followed her.

By the time they arrived the size of the mysterious shape had become apparent. To them, it was easily the size of a house! Kaylee made it there first and for the first time in days, she saw HOPE! For there, towering over her excited tiny-self was a huge, half eaten COOKIE carelessly dropped by the Giantess earlier that day!

She excitedly started yelling for Tim and Pete. They were finally saved! Or... so they thought.

♥"Midnight Goddess" (31.5 minutes) normal quality (like my other videos)
♥ 2.5 minute Bonus POV clip

Video/FX by Tristan
Price just reduced, since this is an older product!


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Product Details:
Producer: Mile High Films
34:00 minutes
720x480 WMV
giantess special effects, vore, bare foot crush, shrunken people, shrunken man, shrunken woman


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  1. Anonymous's Avatar
    I havnt seen anything as close to this EVER on ANYWHERE! The first giantess movie i saw was TAG and watching doesnt even compare. Midnight Giantess IS THE BEST GIANTESS MOVIE OUT and probably will be the top movie for a very long time. Goddess Katelyn i cannot congradulate you enough on how well you did this movie and the feeling it left on me after watching this movie. The effects are just awesome making them real to me as i watch. Your emotions are genuine and as always sexy and seductive. For the others still on the fence about getting this movie...dont think anymore GET IT NOW! I was in the same boat too but we all know Katelyn puts out the best stuff out and after much anticipation of this movie it more than lives up to its hype. I would only pay this much for Katelyn's films becuase i know she isnt going to let me down. Katelyn you are the face of The Giantess and should be proud of it. GREAT JOB. Please continue to keep making great/awesome/excellent movies and i look forward to seeing more movies from you in the near future. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK lol!
  2. Anonymous's Avatar
    I always had a giantess fetish but before this I haven't seen a giantess video as well done as this one. Katelyn, the Midnight Goddess, is cruel and sexy in her desire to destroy all of the little beings in her house. This movie is for all types of giantess fans- the vore fans, the ass fans, the foot fans, the insertion fans.. the story is done very well. I felt like I was part of the story.

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