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Our Longest Lasting Shrunken Man

Katelyn and her boyfriend have been having threesomes with shrunken men and women. None of them but one has lasted past one fuck in between their sexes and this one, in fact, is eager for another round. Katelyn's had him in her panties all day long... her pussy is throbbing with all the licking and squirming that's been going on down there.

He's been demanding another round. They start off with the hitachi vibrator to test their little dude, and damn... he easily lasts through the strong vibration. Katelyn's boyfriend then holds him under his finger on the base of his dick and starts to fuck Katelyn while keeping him there. She then rubs him against her clit, and they continue fucking in the spooning position with the shrunken man stuck to the underside of the boyfriend's dick and falling onto his balls... getting pushed up in Katelyn's pussy.

Oh no! They lost him. They look on their bodies, on the bed, no where to be found. He must be lost inside her pussy so her boyfriend starts fingering her and finds him pressed against Katelyn's G spot. Feels good, and he's still alive, so they start fucking again. They fuck nice and hard with no care of the shrunken man in between them. It's the deepest they've ever fucked with their little toy inside, and when the boyfriend cums, the shrunken man gets crushed up inside Katelyn in between their swollen sexes.

That was the longest lasting shrunken man they've had to date. Now they'll have to get another one and Katelyn knows the perfect guy for it. There's this one guy who has been checking them both out at the gym, so they plan to invite him out next time.


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Product Details:
Producer: KateCore
15:03 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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  1. Cris's Avatar
    Is this going to be on C4S?
  2. Giantess Katelyn's Avatar
    Giantess K...
    Yes! This month it'll be added to my Clips4Sale store. While I don't update in the same order on Clips4Sale as my site, I do upload and post every video of mine to my Clips4Sale studio- when I have the time. Well, with the exception of my bug vore clips since they don't allow it. Thanks for asking!

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