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Rachel's Valentine's Day Vore

It's Valentine's Day, the day of love, the perfect time for a magical first kiss. In celebration of your two month anniversary with Rachel, she gives you a magical glossy lipped first kiss. Muah! You feel like you're getting smaller. You think you must be imagining things, but then she tells you that she saves her kisses for breakups since they shrink people. You can barely believe what's happening but within moments, you shrink down to a mere 3/4 inch or so in size.

Awe, are you upset? Well, she wasn't expecting to get nothing for Valentine's Day, but you're her little Valentine's Day toy now. She did have some sweet times with you but there are other times that you were very forgetful which is why you're now her ex. Lucky for you before she does what she pleases with you, she's going to please you a little for old time's sake.

Once again you find a way to complain about playing with her boobs. At such a tiny size, you were getting a big... crushed inside of her bra. Her boobs were always your favorite part of her so you play with her nipples and boobs one last time. Just a gentle little tease on top of them, and between them. What a heavenly valley!

Today is all about her though and you're soon not to forget it. It gets even hotter for you when she traps you on top her mound underneath the fabric of her panties. You're not getting all the way in her panties, you weren't that good, but she does have a little treat for you. She squirts mountains of delicious whipped cream beside each of her perky nipples and right in front of you.

"You know what I think it would taste really good on? You. Oh yeah, but probably not in the way that you think. I don't want to just lick it off of you. I want you to be dipped in it, covered in it, when I swallow you whole."

This is divine. She dips you in the cream, licks it off your body, and repeats. The fun can't last forever, though. When the cream starts to melt on her body she places you on the mound of it right above her panties and scoops you the whole way up her belly, between her boobs, on her palm, and into her mouth. And, you can guess the rest from here...

"You know, I think it's time for you to be in a lot more whipped cream. Oh no no, no no, not there. I mean, inside there. Swallow you whole, feel you go down all the way into my belly where you swirl around in my stomach acid. Oh yes."

This video features being dumped and shrunken on Valentine's day, being played with on Rachel's nipples and between her perky breasts, shrunken pov getting dipped in whipped cream and licked multiple times, tongue play, endoscope views inside Rachel's mouth, shrunken prop tease and vore, with a bit of digestion talk with an amazing stomach and boobs view to end. There's also 15 seconds of a behind the scenes shot and extra endoscope views after the video's end.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
13:58 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrinking, breast play, endoscope views, vore, whipped cream, nipples, boobs, shrunken pov, digestion talk, mouth cam, belly, messy, wam, long hair, abs, in panties, panty view, Valentine's Day, Rachel

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