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Fay Accidentally Kills Shrinking Husband

Fay greets her husband home from work at the bottom of the stairs only to find hes been reduced in height by a couple of feet and is no longer taller than her.

Excited she leads him into her bedroom to fuck her new boy toy. As she rides him hard she's just not getting the same satisfaction and he reduces even further to ken doll size. Being too big to ride him she lays back and lets him pump her, but soon gets frustrated he's not pleasuring her pussy enough. He cums all over her stomach but she still hasn't been satisfied, as he reduces even smaller to the size of a bug.

Picking him up there's no way he can fuck her pussy now, but realizes if she slips him inside her he can squirm and struggle inside her to make her cum.

He pleads and begs with her not to put him inside her as she licks and wets him in her huge mouth before letting her pussy swallow him. She describes him struggling to breathe in her juices as he fights to get out, but her pussy lips are too big for him to try to claw his way out as she gets off feeling him struggle inside her.

Fay cums hard, finally having her pussy satisfied by her husband, only to realize he's now went still and shes killed him with her orgasm. He was of no use to her now anyway, but disappointed she didn't get at least another day of playing with him.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
11:28 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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