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Katelyn's Favorite Fate for Assholes

In celebration of having a new toilet slave Katelyn has been holding everything in... and boy, a repeat of last night is coming his way. Last night she went ahead and swallowed all of her disobedient slaves whole. They're finishing digesting inside of her right now with all of the food she's eaten and she's getting a bit... backed up. She won't be releasing anything again until finishing today's plan though.

Earlier today she taped a shrunken slave to her asshole. It was the last disobedient slave. She kept him around for one more night to see his friends suffer, and has had him taped to her asshole since as a terrifying reminder of what's coming. He's been the biggest disobedient slave lately. She finally peels him off her asshole and swallows him whole, right above her toilet slave.

She's recently taken an ex-lax on top of having held everything in today. A celebration will soon take place in the form of a grand finale all over her toilet slaves face in the form of a fire work worthy release. If he doesn't swallow every single drop then he'll be next to be shrunken and swallowed whole.

However, if he see any remains of her slaves what so ever, he's to save them for Katelyn to crush underneath her high heels. THEN the fireworks will resume. He's required to do his job, OR ELSE, and she will be coming back in a few moments when she's ready use him.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:36 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Katelyn Brooks, vore, toilet view, asshole, panties, toilet slave, ex-lax, ass


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  1. Semeraz's Avatar
    That asshole looks so yummy

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