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Cate Eats Ass Perv Brother

Lying on her bed using her phone, she doesn't notice her shrunk brother on her ass as she keeps scratching the itch on her ass, until she finally scratches and notices him there. Demanding to know what he was doing, she feels the spot he was at with her finger and licks it, disgusted to taste her little brothers cum in her mouth. Humiliating him, seeing his fly is still undone that he's so disgusting to be wanking over his sisters arse. Towering over him she takes her tits out, encouraging him to wank to them, amazingly the little pervert does, as she tells him what a filthy disgusting little bastard he is with no shame. She turns to lower her ass and pussy on him, threatening to crush him under her, but decides that's too good for such a little perv and puts him on the floor. Smothering and teasing him with her disgusting, smelly bare feet, putting pressure on him saying how easy it would be to just grind him out under her foot, but he's even enjoying being under her stinky feet. Lastly she decides to swallow him alive. This time he screams and begs her not too as she mouth teases him over and over pulling him out on saliva strings, dropping him back in, licking him saying he can't stop her. She finally gets bored playing with her food and breaks some of his bones in her teeth before gulping him down her throat alive. Talking about her brother trapped and lost inside her forever, she gets horny thinking about him going down her throat screaming and friggs her pussy until she cums with him insider her stomach saying what a dirty bastard he was. She licks her fingers clean of pussy juice saying no one knew he was little and would never find out what happened to him, it will be her little secret.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
13:16 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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