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Katelyn Brooks Sex Video

NOW LEAKED! Get this Katelyn Brooks sex tape now before it's taken down! ... Just kidding!! Fans- this one's not for everyone! There is no size fetish in this, it's a vanilla handjob and blowjob candid couple style video. :d

Many of you have been waiting for years to see a video with a cock in it from me and here it is! It may be the only one (for a while) or there may be more to cum, who knows! In this video you can enjoy a candid feel from the pov of my boyfriend. Either way, your support will fund a second sex tape or maybe something fetish oriented next time! (I have so many ideas)

Anyway! In this video, at first I'm standing up with my fingers in my wet panties while I tell him what all I like about him. I love his dark features, his size, and how he's always ready to go again soon after he cums, etc. I crawl onto the bed, and he looks so nice. I continue to casually compliment him and I start going down on him, saying how I also love feeling him in my hands and mouth and I want to do all of that more often starting now.

There is lots of candid talking in this one, lots of stroking and playing, not as much head as I was planning but I do make him cum into my mouth by the end... there is some sucking, licking, etc here and there.

And as far as him being ready for more within light speed, it's true. We start fucking within minutes after having finished this video and we turned the camera on for a couple minutes as a little teaser to a fucking video, which we'll probably shoot later.

Even though I've been filming and working with fetishes for 8 years now, this is my first ever "porn" video. It felt a lot different to film. It was a lot of fun nonetheless! I hope you all enjoy, because I look forward to making more sex tapes as well as playing around with some fetish scenarios! ;)


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Product Details:
Producer: KateCore
25:03 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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One Review and Counting...

  1. JayToms's Avatar
    Man!!! This video brings me back! I remember when this video was first announced and how excited I was to get it. Normally, I'd wait a while to get something but this was a no brainier. This video is so hot! The eye contact, the details Katelyn'm so jealous. There are part in the video where there's penetration and by the time this video came out, that wasn't the norm. Although this type of content is made anymore, I would be the 1st to buy if something like this was released again.

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