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Crush 2

    Jenni and Lauren are back! Ever ambitious, the lovely duo have expanded their crush film business and talent for torture to include a weekly live camshow! Join the sisters as they do what they do best with a box full of shrunken men and women!

    ♥ Written by the sadistic TinyOne234!
    ♥ 51 pages with 77 gruesomely-detailed renders by SorenZer0!
    ♥ Watch as tinies are destroyed, dismembered and disemboweled!
    ♥ Lauren makes her first on-camera appearance!
    ♥ Hand-oriented! Above-the-waist torment fans rejoice!
    ♥ Not for the faint of heart!
    Click here to see what more the comic features!
    Click here to read Crush 1, completely free!


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    Product Details:
    Producer: SorenZer0
    51 HQ Photos
    2560x1600 .pdf
    TinyOne234, SorenZer0, crush, gore, torture, sadism, poser, shrunken man, shrunken woman, camera, goth, punk, handheld, hand fetish, fingers, finger fetish, close up, two girls, nude, sm, sw, macrophilia

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