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Chessie's Kitchen Invaders

Schoolgirl Chessie has found some shrunken pervs have gotten into her house to spy on her. Disgusted, the first gets taught a lesson by being swallowed. The others are humiliated and demanded to spunk their load over her tits like the perverts they are. One falls to the floor then gets splatted under her sock. Sticking them on her nipples, she spits on her tits, rubbing them in spit, encouraging them to cum until they get scooped off her tits and swallowed alive.

Stripping out of her school uniform down to her Hello Kitty panties, Chessie delights in hearing the muffled screams and breaking bones of the little people she stuffs them into her pussy as they squirm inside her. Cumming multiple times as she feels people drown inside her. She scoops people out of her pussy and panties, smelling her cum soaked over the bodies and survivors, delighting in swallowing them to taste her pussy on them. She lays back rubbing her abs pleased there’s no evidence left of what she’s been up to.

This video is priced at a discount since it turned out longer than expected! :)


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
25:38 minutes
854x480 .WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
nipples, vore, crush, insertion, big lips, masturbation, blonde, panties, schoolgirl, white socks, knee high socks, big boobs, spit, kitchen, shrunken people, licking, pussy, floor, Chessie

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