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Rachel's Christmas Vengeance

On the night of Xmas eve Santa finally stopped by Rachel's house, after years of passing it by because of how naughty she is... but really, it quickly becomes obvious that the fat fuck has a boner from looking at her sexy body. Sure, she's dressed in a sexy Santa's helper style costume, but now it's obvious that Santa's just as naughty as her and that makes it too tempting for Rachel not to verbally rip him apart, with how much she loves humiliating others. So, it begins.

"Usually this is your night, but tonight things are going to go my way."

Rachel laced the cookies with a home made shrinking potion and no, he's not going to get ripped with a six pack, he's going to shrink down to a size that even his elves could tower over him. While miniaturizing, he tries to get a look up her skirt. Who knows what he does when he goes into people's houses at night when everyone's asleep... the little pervert!

"There's been a few occasions where I've popped bugs under my toes... like right on the ball of my foot just "ptfh" CRUSH, sometimes their guts just pop out and explode. But you... you're a round fat little fuck! I bet you'd pop like a grape, spray against my walls, your guts just exploding everywhere!"

After hearing that... Santa is terrified and feels even tinier and more helpless. To top it off, Rachel's mission for holiday revenge doesn't end there. She not only laced his cookies with a shrinking potion but since she's tired of him running things she's also made herself a Giantess potion, which she pulls out from her skirt and gulps down before crushing him! She'll be fucking enormous and her feet will be able to crush entire houses and villiages beneath of them, and by Xmas day she'll be full grown and she'll destroy the world!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:55 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrinking, pov, growth potion, soles, crush, barefoot, humiliation, long toes, long hair, brunette, Santa costume, holiday, texan, Rachel

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