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Jade's Ants in her Pants

Jade's a timid new intern, who's discovered her office workers shrunk on the table. Confused and scared they might get hurt they're so small, she tries to think up ways to keep them safe until she can figure out what's going on and get them back to size. She's got no pockets and rejects her boss's suggestion they get put in her panties because it's too embarrassing having all her co- workers seeing and crawling over her pussy. She finally gives in to her boss's demands and hitches her skirt up to drop them into her panties. They don't listen to her and crawl and rub against her sensitive clit as she begs them to stop, frightened that her huge pussy will soak and drown them if they keep getting her wetter. She pleads and begs with them to stop squirming against her pussy as she feels herself gush and soak her panties, peering in to see three have already drowned. She's so close to cumming anyway, she might as well just cum proper and get rid of the witnesses as she slides her hand in, fingering everyone who's left, inside her hole until she cums licking up the people goo that slewed out of her pussy onto her fingers as the only thing left of all the people.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
7:56 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Insertion, panties, ass, pov, nerdy, micro, glasses, nylons, black hair, brunette, micro, shrunken people, Jade

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