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Ass Crush Session with Katelyn

Did you really think Katelyn would let you in her house at your full size just because you paid her for a custom session? She has you at midget size, in her bedroom, pretty much paralyzed because your biggest fantasy of getting crushed under her ass is about to come true. Her jeaned ass looks so hot, and you can't wait to be crushed under the sexy pink striped panties she reveals to you before shrinking you next to doll size.

This is the size she likes to keep her tiny men but she's not going to keep you around- no, you only paid for a short session! And you're really lucky that she opened up to sessions in person. But poor boy, you could only afford four minutes, but luckily she has some tension to release so she gives you a few more. After teasing you with her ass and breasts she can't stand it anymore- she must feel you even tinier right under her ass!

Ready to get shrunken down even smaller? How tiny should we go? How about the size of the tip of my fingernail...

She loves making her "victims" the size of ants and crushing them against her skin. But for you, you're going to get crushed under her panties, so she slips a pink binder underneath of your body. She moans, groans, and takes her time with crushing you. Thanks to you, her nipples are super hard from feeling you under her ass. She lets you feel her big breasts on top of your shrunken shape before rocking and jiggling her big assontop of you, grinding you so hard that now she'll have to go play herself and get off!

This video features lots of Katelyn's ass in jeans and panties, shrinking, a very tiny plastic shrunken man prop, pov, and slow bouncy jiggly ass crush!

Special thanks to Trent for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:40 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Panty Fetish, Big Booty, Ass Crush, PoV, Shrunken Man, Close Up, Jeans, Katelyn Brooks

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