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Crushed under Rachel's Flip Flops

When Rachel comes outside to sunbathe she crushes some of her foot slaves (clay men) unaware as she walks down the pathway through the yard. Just about when she's ready to lay her tanning towel, she notices that her foot slaves are outside. How dare they escape confinement in her home against her orders!

"I'll just get new foot slaves. Y'all are pathetic. I'll crush all of you!"

It appears the group was on their way to a secluded hideout in the mulch by a big tree in the back yard. With mercy only for her repeated best behaved foot slave David, she crushes the rest against the steps and stones beneath her sandals. She stops only for a moment to show David what happens to disobedient slaves.

"I get so much pleasure from watching you suffer when you disobey me."

After hunting and crushing all of her misbehaved slaves, she heads back to the house with David still cradled between her soft breasts. However, along the way... he slips out of her blue triangle bikini top and drops onto the pavement. Tragically, his fall was unaware to her until -after- he had met his fate under the dirty rubbery sole of her black flip flops.

"Damnit it David, I told you to hold on. Now I have to replace you too and you were my favorite."

This video features Rachel, in a sexy blue bikini, crushing foot slaves (clay men) unaware, aware, and accidentally (David) against the sidewalk underneath her black flip flops!

Special thanks to David for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
6:09 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Unaware, Hunting, Flip Flops, Clay Men, Bikini, Outdoors, Back Yard, Long Toes, Foot Fetish


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  1. Cliff's Avatar
    Great vid. Loved it! Rachel has such powerful feet! Love those long toes, as well as the sole shots while she walks in the flipflops. Looking forward to more vids like this with Rachel.

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