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Little Miss Jade's Panty Trap

Little Jade is on her bed when she opens her panty drawer to discover a lot of tiny things moving around inside. Curious she takes them out and traps them under her glass container to get a good look at them, realizing they’re tiny people.

Curious, she can’t help but wonder what they taste like and is thrilled as they wiggle and squirm down her throat. She decides to put groups of people inside her cotton panties as they tickle her, running across her clit as she rubs the fabric into her pussy against the squirming people.

Some get to rub and suck her nipples as she drops more people inside her panties and grinds them into her clit. Pulling her panties, rubbing them into her cunt to keep the people inside as they try to escape.

Jade turns over to finger people as deep inside her pussy as she can, rubbing her cunt with fingers forcing people to stay inside as they squirm to get out until she cums and drowns them killing them all without conscience and deciding she needs to get some more!

Contains screaming sound effects as people are rubbed into pussy as well as in panty POV views.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
14:43 minutes
1280x720 .WMV
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, in panties, pussy, insertion, masturbation, fishnets, stockings, ass, bent over, nails, bedroom, fingering, GiantessProductions

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