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Buggy Brother

Your sister is feeling very annoyed because she got dressed up as a witch for a Halloween Party but now she's stuck at home with you since mom and dad couldn't find a babysitter. Her life has been ruined since the day you were born and she wishes she could make you disappear; shrink you or something. What'd be awesome for Halloween is if she really was a witch and she doesn't think it's funny how you're playing along...

Oh my god you're not faking it, hahahaha, you're shrinking!

At a closer look, you really ARE shrinking! You love annoying your big sister so you run straight for her feet, just like a bug, but that just makes her realize that she could just crush you to go to that Halloween party so you make a run for it. Funny you. You think she can't see you behind the table? Lol! You wouldn't leave her alone but now you will? Lol!

"You know what mom does to bugs; she just freaks out and puts her foot down and stomps right on them and crushes them!"

She commands you to come back out. You always were a buggy baby brother and now you're going to do exactly as she tells you. She's going to leave for the Halloween party and you're going to run back under the table, because if mom comes home and sees you she won't recognize you and she will crush you. But if you're at the same spot when your sister Rachel returns, then she'll try to restore you back to normal size. She wished you'd shrink so she can probably just wish you were back to normal too!

This video features your annoyed big sister Rachel in a witch costume on Halloween, unexpected shrinking, views running across the hardwood floor to her bare feet and behind a table, brief sole pov, and hiding!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
3:59 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
long toes, bare soles, french toenails, Sister, Brother, Babysitter, Shrinking, Feet, PoV, Hiding, Floor Views, Witch, Halloween, siblings, Soles, Toes, french pedicure, long legs, big feet, Rachel

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