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Crushed by Catwoman

Your friend Kerri and you are getting ready to go out to a Halloween party dressed up as Catwoman and Mouse, but you have different motives in mind. You would like her, the hottest girl you've ever met, to fulfill your crush fantasy. while she's upstairs you shrink yourself to a bug's size and await her to discover you on the floor.

Down she comes! Even better yet, she falls right into the role of your fantasy because the situation makes her think that reality might now be a dream. She raises her foot above you because she never really liked you anyway for your tendency to be a jerk and act all macho. But, one of the reasons you always wanted to get crushed by her is because you've noticed that she tends takes her time with whatever she's doing.

You've seen her crush a bug before and she took a few minutes to crush it which was so hot to you compared to how most girls scream and crush it in a heart beat. Instead of your ultimate fantasy being a quick little crunch or splat, you lie there on her floor looking up at her, shaking just a bit, while she lifts her foot above you over and over and over.

She hopes it's not a dream but if it is then she wants to have it over and over or find a way to transform you into a bug in waking life. Sometimes her foot lowers close enough to touch you but you'll never know when she'll finish you off for good. You're in heaven being played around with so long underneath of her foot but she doesn't want to be late for the party, so she crushes you once and for all.

This video features Kerri in a catwoman costume, green toe nails, a brief floor view while hunts you down, lots of underfoot crush tease (Kerri raises and lowers her foot a lot), lots of cut shots to fill dialogue, and a crush ending with multiple views.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
3:53 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Catwoman, Slow Crush, PoV, Tease, Soles, Bare Feet, Red Lips, red lipstick, green pedicure

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