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Bug Vore Kink

"All squirming, wiggling, and I think they like white chocolate too-- don't you?" Rachel teasingly asks in order to demonstrate her newest kink, wearing one of the hottest outfits you've ever seen. A fence net belly shirt and black thong, barely anything covering anything at all on her long, smooth, tight, perky body.

White chocolate sauce squirts on the table like jizz as her seven lively wood louse bugs squirm in their confinement, helplessly awaiting their sweet and succulent demise on the messy table and in her big juicy mouth. Pulling back her long, flowy hair, she lowers herself onto the table letting her tongue sample the chocolate.

"Go on! You like white chocolate, don't you? Oh no! There's no where to run! ... Go ahead, try to figure it out!"

Rachel's first bug doesn't like white chocolate but she does so she helps him out, by eating him, and then two more bugs find themselves running across her sexual playground. Run little buggies run! Rachel sadistically tells them, as she makes it rain white chocolate sauce ontop of them. Needless to say, they don't get far on their own, but they end up going quite far after being fingered up off the sticky mess and up to her lips.

She then makes sweet love to them. After slurping them between her juicy lips, she massages them against the table with her tongue, kisses them against it while they helplessly squirm, and then after being placed side by side they go completely into her mouth together for the last time before getting gently chewed and deeply swallowed.

"More! More! ... You look like a real squirmer, come here and get on my tongue!"

A few more bugs are scooped out of the small red bowl by her long sexy fingers, dropped onto the cool table, and then licked against back and forth by her big warm tongue. She seduces you with her eyes, seeing how much you're enjoying this too, while a bug explores her wide open mouth. ;) The bug ends up getting licked and sucked off her fingers, and gulped down her throat, after getting nice and coated in the silky white chocolate one last time. He's then no where to be seen in her wide open mouth. All gone!

"He made a run for it! That's not going to last long!"

When Rachel asks if you think they can hear their friends inside of her belly, one of the few survivors makes a run for it but that doesn't last long! She fully intends on finishing the rest, and does so in the some of the sexiest ways you could imagine possible. But awww, now there's none left. Looks like she's going to have to go hunt down some more!

This video was one of my own fantasies and the result of its production earns my "oh fuck I came" seal of approval! ;) Features: seven woodlouse, hot dialogue, amazing views on top and below the table, open mouth shots, licking, sucking, kissing, sexy sounds, and more! Rachel is a natural at the Giantess Fetish and if you like bug vore then I know you'll fall in love with this video! -Giantess Katelyn


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
9:35 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Bug Vore, Open Mouth, Messy, Tongue, Licking, Glass Table, PoV, Abs, Big Lips, Thong, Fishnet, Nipples, Perky, Dialogue, Fetish, Kink, Rachel

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