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Sacrificed for a Witch's Beauty

Everyone knows that witches must sacrifice lives to keep from looking like exactly what they are: evil Goddesses of magic, mischief, and mayhem. The younger they appear to be, the more sacrifices they make, the easier it is for them to reap the rewards of living as they are and enjoying our planet to the fullest. And that's exactly the case with a local witch named Kerri, who appeared to be a beautiful big lipped brunette that a few every day average unsuspecting people, like you and I, have become friends with in the last few months.

She calculatedly selected each and every one of them as the perfect targets to serve her upcoming life or death necessity for Vore for her own survival and fitness. They're all single, loners, with little family, who all wanted to win her heart. And now, with everything lined up so perfectly, they're about to get closer to her in a way they never imagined possible all while living out their final fate together.

After ogling her body, from the shrunken view of being trapped in a potion bottle which is their confinement, she turns around and reveals her face. Absolute terror overwhelms them. There's no way this can be a dream, and you never know if you'll be next or not. Some of those who were just alive, beside you, are now in her stomach it looks like she's going to eat every last one of you to make sure her transformation lasts forever, turning back into her young and beautiful self.

Will she eat you all or will you be lucky enough to be a lone survivor? Treat yourself to this video to willingly immerse yourself in her world, viewing from third person and through the eyes of one of her victims, and see if you can survive her or not!

Special thanks to Robert for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
9:20 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Kerri, Witch, Mask, Vore, Red Lips, Big Mouth, Perfect Teeth, Brown Eyes, Mouthcam

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