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Inevitable Birthday Demise

You and Rachel have been dating for a few months now and she's come to the conclusion that you're a complete asshole, which is why you've woken up shrunken and in the sink on your birthday. Remember her birthday about a month ago? Yeah... just one more reason why you're an asshole. For your birthday, she's going to decide what to do with you.

"Are you nervous? Oh, you shouldn't be nervous. Just think of the things I could do to you with my body!"

You start thinking of the things you did to Rachel and her body but at the same time you're feeling overwhelmed with terror about the situation. She's really fucking sexy but with how big she is, and how small you are, it's both pleasurable and painful when she picks you up and rubs you against her nude body and wet mouth.

Rachel makes what's going to happen to you very clear by giving you two physically and verbally detailed demonstrations of the fatal birthday journey you're about to go on. She intends to swallow you whole, let you suffer and burn and melt in her stomach acids, go throughout her intestines, with the remains of your life exiting with her supreme shit in the morning.

That's all your relationship was, after all, and it's only a full circle moment when you become a bunch of shit. Lucky that it's your birthday, she sadistically and sarcastically teases you with her beautiful ass, breasts, body, and mouth before swallowing you down to your inevitable demise.

This video features shrunken pov from the sink looking up at Rachel, getting up close to Rachel's body as she shows you the journey you'll be going on inside of her, mouthcam views, shrunken man prop, kisses, digestion and shit talk, relationship humiliation, hot views of her ass in tight curve hugging panties, big puffy wet lips, vore tease and vore, and hot views of Rachel's strong abs!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
11:46 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
birthday, shrunken pov, tits, ass, vore, digestion, shit talk, relationship humiliation, body exploration, abs, nipples, mirror, panties, Rachel

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