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Lucy's Cheating Husband

Lucy sits down on her bed and spotting a vibrator lying out, assumes her husband got home early and left her a hint for some surprise sex. Lucy doesn't realize her husband was cheating on her and had shrunk himself and his girlfriend but couldn't get the remote to work to get them back to size before Lucy turned up. Oblivious, Lucy lifts up the vibrator with her husband's girlfriend clinging on for dear life, as Lucy licks and sucks it, swallowing her alive without realizing.

She spots her husband on the remote and realizes what's happened, mocking him for being a pathetic cheat and decides to use him like a toy. She starts by rubbing him and her vibrator over her nipples then slides him into her panties, rubbing the outside with the vibrator, then pulls her panties to the side talking about how useless he is now as he watches from her clit as she works her pussy over with the massive vibrator while verbally abusing him for being useless to her now.

Talking about his girlfriend now inside her stomach, she can't believe the turn of events as she decides to put him deep inside her body too, his screams are muffled as she pins him against her pussy with her vibrator and pushes him as deep inside her as she can until she downs him with her pussy juices.

Talking about him being swallowed up deep inside her pussy, she contemplates having all the money for herself now and a new life without a cheating husband.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
6:31 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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