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Swallowed by the Bar Hopping Succubuses

Kerri and Katelyn are two hot fetish girls who you, a lonely bar-goer, wanted so desperately to home with. Little did you know you'd end up shrunken. They're actually succubuses who want to feed off you! But there's only one of you! While deciding who gets to eat you they rub you with their fingers, tie you up, bite and lick your helplessly dangling body from a pink string, soak you in saliva, place you in each other's belly buttons, and finally... it's decided that Kerri gets to eat you since Katelyn ate the last man.

You flail along with the string around your body as your voracious predator, Kerri, extends her tongue and snaps her pretty white teeth in movement after your dangling path. Bite- lick- suck! It's so terrifying but you know it'll be over soon. And Katelyn promises that your friend, who was left alone at the bar, will be next. It'll be quite easy to lure him back home with simply saying "Hey, we thought you might wanna join in with your friend at our place. Let's go, baby!"

This video features you as a shrunken man prop, purse pov, getting tied up with pink string, teased by Kerri and Katelyn's mouths, pressed into Kerri and Katelyn's belly buttons, spit on multiple times by both girls, and dangle vore (Katelyn dangles you while Kerri chases you with her mouth and swallows you down)!

Special thanks to Jason for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
17:17 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken pov, spit, belly button, dangle vore, red lips, string, tied up, shrunken man

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