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Dumped and Crushed

Rachel's boyfriend is a humiliating and embarrassing loser. He buys and plays with toy cars and is always apologizing because he's worried about what people think of him... among other problems. She feels like she's dating a 10 year old or is his mommy.

"Oh here you go doing your little shrinking thing again. Let's see how tiny you get this time because we already know how tiny it is in your pants... pathetic!"

Rachel breaks up with her boyfriend by ripping apart one of his new toy cars by hand. The broken car is a perfect metaphor for their relationship, which is broken. As he shrinks she crushes his other toy car underneath her sexy skyscraper tall high heels.

"That felt really good... I think there's probably something else I'd like to fucking crush... You know how I crushed that car part by part? You're fucking next!"

Rachel slips her black high heels off and thoroughly feels her now ex boyfriend's shrunken body pop limb by limb underneath her bare soles and toes. This goes on for minutes, all the while continuing to humiliate him as he meets his last breath. His remains were twisted underfoot 'til unnoticeable, so she simply sweeps the crushed remains of his toy cars into a dust pan and empties it into the trash.

This video features the professional acting of a real life Giantess, small dick loser humiliation during a breakup scenario, toy car crush via hands and high heels, slow shrinking pov, upskirt shaven pussy peeks, and well lit views getting crushed limb by limb underneath Rachel's pedicured size 9 feet, topped with a subtle Giantess voice sound effect during the crush pov.

Special thanks to Jerome for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
9:01 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
breakup, shrinking, car crush, heels, bare soles, long toes, upskirt, pussy, dress, Giantess Rachel


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  1. Megagiant5280's Avatar
    I love the heels Rachel is wearing in this one. She is a true dominating giantess. Great video and anyone who gets to be with her is a lucky man.

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