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Happy Birthday Vore and Sex

Yay, it's your birthday! What better way to be awoken too- your girlfriend, Katelyn, is wearing that sexy birthday outfit you got her and that's not all! From the sound of it, your special day is going to be a sexual heaven filled with video games, great food, and as many orgasms as you can possibly handle!

"Oh my god that feels so fucking good!"

While gazing up at your beautiful girlfriend loving what she has in mind for you, it gets better yet. Inside her mouth are all of her disobedient shrunken slaves. She spits them from her mouth into her bootylicious white shorts. You've seen her sadistically putting her shrunken slaves in their places now and then and frankly, she's had enough of them and would like to get rid of them once and for all.

"This is what these little fuckers get for being so naughty lately!"

Katelyn's shrunken slaves pathetically beg not to get sent down to her but she has NO mercy. She begins eating them, showing them her ass where their remains will be coming out in the morning, sucks them off her finger, rubs them in her panties, and seeing how turned on you're getting she tells you to stroke your cock because something amazing is about to happen.

She happily sucks the last few slaves into her mouth, turns around, and slips her short shorts off revealing her bare naked ass and pussy to you. While rubbing herself, she licks all of her shrunken slaves around in her mouth and then puts her hand on your chest and slides her pussy over your erection. She swallows them one by one and some together while describing how they feel struggling down her throat while you both fuck each other, getting off to them meeting their fate inside her stomach juices as the slosh around from the fucking.

Next, she heads downstairs to make you a delicious birthday breakfast... with the survivors in her cheek being saved for round two whenever you're ready!

Happy birthday S!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:51 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
panties, vore, sm, sex pov, short shorts, belly, mouth, ass, spit, pussy, Katelyn Brooks


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    Love Katelyn!

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