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Wicked witches

It's Halloween and two of the worlds most wanted witches have stolen a whole city worth of people by shrinking them down to the size of mere toys to their living room floor. They brought it upon themselves however having fallen for the trap in the ruse of a festive fright show. The tiny unsuspecting men and women have signed up for more than they could ever imagine, while the two witches give them the most terrifying experiences in their life. Trampled, toyed with, crushed and ground into the tightly woven fibers of the witches' floor, it'll be a holiday nobody will ever forget. Even if they all believe it as simply a dream the next day when they wake up in bed, it'll have been the most horrifying experience they'll ever live through.

This Halloween / Witch themed video features a shrunken paper and plastic city (buildings, cars, and people), high heel crush, barefoot crush, ass crush, boob crush, between soles crush, finger crush, subtle upskirt, with a low pov watching the two witches completely destroy the city!

Guest Star: Lady Fyre


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
9:15 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Witches, Shrunken City, Car Crush, Buildings, Giantess, High Heels, Hands, Hand Fetish, Finger Crush, Barefoot, Two Girls, Ass Crush, Boob Crush, Dress, Upskirt, Between Feet, Katelyn Brooks, Lady Fyre

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