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Witch Doctor

A relationship is in crisis! The deeper their love, the more the boyfriend shrinks. It's becoming so problematic, especially between the sheets, that they have begun to search for ways to reverse what has already been done. They've already nearly tried everything- not even world esteemed doctors have been able to figure it out. All is lost when the two come across an add on the internet about a witch doctor who has been said to actually have magic powers. They ask upon her services immediately, partially out of curiosity, but mostly out of desperation.

The Witch doctor arrives and they begin to discuss the situation. She tells them she knows how she can return him to his normal size, though she's hesitant as love magic is some of the hardest magic to pull off. The couple is deeply in love and this touches the Witch doctors heart... so it seems...

Getting to work, the Witch uses her pheromones to work her magic. Unfortunately at first, the boyfriend begins to show adverse reactions to the magic and shrinks even more! The girlfriend begins to panic but the Witch doctor knows exactly why her magic is having an adverse effect... with love magic, Katelyn needs to join in too!

Pulling on the powers of love, and using the girlfriends pheromones mixed with her own the spell beings to work at last. In just a short while the boyfriend is at his full height once more. No more shrunken stature, looking up at a giant world. The Girlfriend is so excited she throws herself to her boyfriend in happiness, but does not notice the witch secretly casts another spell...

In seconds the couple is miniaturized! Naturally anyone would be confused at this. So the Witch doctor explains to them her ulterior motive in helping them. It was love which she needs to feed her powers upon. Eating lovers who love each other more than anything would feed her magic, and make her more powerful. Sadly for them, it was really the only reason for taking the job. In finality she swallows them, then takes her leave.

This video features an 11 inch shrunken man, love, magic, nyloned feet, shrinking, growing with upskirt and upbody views, a story twist, shrunken couple, with a vore ending!

Guest Star: Lady Fyre


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
7:16 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
doll sized, shrinking, vore, nylons, soles, growing, witch, love, magic, story twist, shrunken couple, foot smelling, foot fetish, scent, spell, pheramones, Katelyn Brooks, Lady Fyre


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  1. Patrick's Avatar
    Great video! I love it when you team up with Lady Fyre, two great giantesses.

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