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Big Sister's Socks

Katelyn's home from a long day of work, and with sore feet she heads to her workout room to flex her soles out. Ahh, it feels soooo good but little does she that know her younger brother is dangerously trapped to the fuzzies of her socks. He's just beneath her toes hanging on and squirming for dear life. And while trying to free himself from the fuzzy trap, he nearly gets crushed when she stands up and rolls her toes side to side. She cracks her toes to relieve the built up pressure, sits down and strokes her soles for release, and then slips on her house shoes to get some cleaning done.

"I was going to do some cleaning but it looks like Steve already beat me to it! What's in my shoe?"

Katelyn felt something in her shoe at work earlier, but thought it was just a little rock that moved out of the way when she resettled her foot. Nothing worth interrupting work for. She would of never guessed it was her little brother, but after all, it's not too rare for him to go after her worn socks- but how does he shrink himself, she wonders?!

He receives some big sister's sock love from Katelyn. He deserves it for doing ALL of the chores! In pure heaven, she lightly pressed her big smelly socked foot against his tiny shrunken body ontop of the living room glass table. Ahhh... feels sooo good! She's surprised how much his body can endure. He's such a strong little brother!

Next she sits back and relaxes on the couch as she rubs teeny Steve between her thick socks, and while doing so a nearly microscopic sized nat flies right into her lip gloss. Yuk! Naturally, she wipes her lips to push it off, but it just so happened to be so fragile that it ended up crushing to her finger when she tried to save it.

"I was only trying to pluck him off my lips but he was so tiny that I ended up crushing him- whoops!"

Seeing as how that just happened so easily, she becomes a little afraid to keep playing with her brother because she doesn't want him to end up as nothing more than a smear of flaky remains. Taking a closer look, it already looks like his lost an arm! But remembering back to the previous time he shrunk himself, she accidentally crushed his foot but when he returned himself back to normal size he was fine. That makes her wonder though-- could she intentionally crush his entire body and then use his device to return him back to normal again?! That could be a lot of fun... but her brother has been keeping his device a secret, hidden away somewhere. Just a thought, though!

This video features a shrunken brother who's unawarely stuck to his big sister's socks, foot rubbing and flexing in thick white fuzzy socks, discovery of shrunken brother, glass table views of being lightly crushed, a nearly microscopic nat that gets crushed between Katelyn's lip gloss and fingers, and in-shoe!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:03 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
white socks, shrunken brother, unaware, glass table, light crush, bug crush, nat, pov, point of view, under table, slip on shoes, gentle, sister, Katelyn Brooks

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