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Fate of the Pervy Neighbor

Katelyn and Sarah have uncomfortably caught their neighbor observing them on multiple occasions. Either it be hiding in a bush, peeking out the blinds, following them somewhere from a distance... there's one thing that's straight- he seems to be a pervert! One day, low an behold, they're sitting outside on the sidewalk on a nice sunny day and up comes you know who... but as a shrunken man.

Did he really think he could just sneak up to them that teeny little size? Ew! Girls can notice bugs from across an entire room and when they're outside, their bug senses are on overdrive. When they see him, at first their pest alert goes off, but they soon realize it's their disgusting neighbor who they just so happen to have been sitting outside talking trash about.

Honestly, they feel a little bad for how awkward he is. Antisocial to a T. He's probably even still a virgin! However, it doesn't justify his alarming "stalkerish" actions. And even though he's now a mere bug in the hands of Katelyn and Sarah, they show a bit of mercy for him by not crushing him like the pest he is but instead, they go above and beyond with their kindness and actually decide to take him in as a pet/slave of sorts.

However, on their way inside it just so seems that Sarah carelessly had her hand cupped. He was there just a moment ago, but is now lost. They scan the ground from high above but the only thing they think -could have been- him is a splat on the bottom of Sarah's bare sole. Oops! But oh well, the neighborhood's probably better off without him. It was probably meant to be.

This video features a pervy neighbor who shrinks himself, upskirt views of the hot neighbor chicks as a shrunken man comes up to them unaware, foot pov/crush tease discovery of a perverted shrunken neighbor, handheld, accidental crush, and behind the scenes audio of Sarah talking about how she accidentally stepped on a slug twice!

Guest Star: Sarah Diavola


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
8:30 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware, upskirt, accidental crush, bare soles, pussy, two girls, Katelyn Brooks, Sarah Diavola

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