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The Pervy Teacher

Ugh-- detention again... but this time Katelyn got it for shrinking her classmates. She actually thought it did the class good though, seeing as how it had the entire class under control for once. She could finally concentrate in peace, but obviously the teacher didn't find it amusing since he punished her and all. The teacher is a whole other story though.

Katelyn thinks she's caught him checking her out, in a sexual way, on several occasions. Yuk! Her disgust and vengeful attitude from having to stay after class makes her decide she'll do a little test upon his return to check up on her. He slips in quietly and is quite pleased to see "I will not shrink my classmates" written several times on the board. Like a good girl, it's written as directed, but he also notices something written as a bonus... what could it be?!

"But I will shrink the pervy teacher!"

He sees her plan written plain as day but fuck! When she turns around with her boobs nearly popping out of her top, he's helplessly distracted. Before he knows it he's living both his biggest dream and biggest nightmare at the same time. She flirts with him and pops her boobs out, but shrinks him, and with how sexual this is he could not only lose his job but also risk never being able to teach again!

Katelyn knows this all too well and now that it's gone this far, he will forever be wrapped around her finger, and he knows it. Might as well go all in now! He makes absolutely no attempt to hide his raging hard-on. Under the small amount of comfort knowing that everything is in Katelyn's control now, he simply does as she says. She attempts to teach him a lesson for being a perv but this is his biggest fantasy come true after all and he can't help but be horny no matter what she's doing to her.

He's nothing but her toy now, and he loves it! He kisses, licks, and shines her boots as told. She "tortures" him with her thighs, ass, and panties... he thinks she's fucking with him and wants him to perv on her but it's hard to tell! However, she does tell him that if he cums there will be consequences. Pushing him to the limit, she rubs him on her panties from the front to the back, and happily decides to punish him for getting a raging hard-on. >;)

She lightly raises and lowers herself ontop of his ken doll sized body, making sure she doesn't actually harm him. She should have been going at it harder though, to crush him a little as punishment. It just so happens that she was using the perfect amount of pressure and distance that at his size, his cock effortlessly went up inside of her fucking her asshole through her panties. But she was doing it to HIM- he was just laying there as told!

He shoots a big warm gush of jizz all over her lacy white schoolgirl panties and she gasps... and just when he thought it couldn't get any better she decides to keep him at that size to teach class tomorrow. OH, my, GOD. All he can think of is all of the hot views and attention he'll be getting from all of the girls in class tomorrow. With it being an all girl college, he'll truly be in heaven!

This video features a schoolgirl/teacher theme, shrinking, an anatomically correct 10 inch doll, boobs, upskirt, thighs, white panties, panty covered ass and pussy, and the doll cums up Katelyn ass and jizzes all over her panties and the desk!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:04 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
schoolgirl, cum doll, jizz, ass, boots, pov, white panties, teacher, classroom, detention, boobs, Katelyn Brooks

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