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Vampiric Masseuses

An unexpecting victim believes he's signed up for a private massage session, but when he shows up at a remote location where it looks like someone lives there he becomes a little suspicious. Though after being greeted by the two sultry masseuses, his skepticism fades. They are both very beautiful, a little darkly dressed, though upon entering the house he discovers nothing out of the ordinary. He's brought into a room to get ready, and is given some tea to help him relax. The two gorgeous masseuses leave him to get comfortable, and he does... still none the wiser.

Soon enough the two dark beauties return, and begin to rub his back. Slowly the victim finds himself falling into an unnatural sleep, he'd been drugged! It's now that the two reveal who they truly are... a couple of black-hearted vampires. One who feeds off blood, the other his soul.

When the two believe that he's finally fallen completely unconscious, the vampire who preys on her victims for blood begins to feast upon the back of his heck, on his motionless body. Yet, unexpectedly, he did not drink enough of the tea to fully pass out. Never the less, still much to the vampires' delight, he is now stuck between sleep and wake-- hopelessly paralyzed. She continues to feast on his sweet succulent blood as he groans in discomfort and pain. When satisfied, the vampires shrink him down, and then he's devoured whole by the one who feeds on souls, satisfying both nefarious temptresses...

This video features a vampire theme, back massage, lip licking, back of the neck sucking, shrinking, and vore pov!

Guest Stars: Sarah Diavola and Jason Ninja


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
9:05 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vampire, vore, neck sucking, pov, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, shrinking, point of view, Katelyn Brooks, Sarah Diavola

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