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The Unaware Step-Daughter

Cute college girl Katelyn is about to, though unaware, feature in a sexy video that's going to help get off her horny incestual father. Still on her way home from school, Katelyn is completely oblivious to her role as a hot giantess daughter since her father doesn't have enough money to pay for his usual session. So just before she arrives home her father sets up little people, cars, and a even a miniature scale building for her to crush. With a hidden camera he manages to film his hot college girl crush his tiny toys. At first she goes over them with her sandals still on, then unexpectedly with her bare soles while she explains how her day went at school.

This video features a father who sets up tiny people, cars, and a paper building for his (college-girl) daughter to crush under her sandals and bare soles unaware!

Guest Star: Jason Ninja


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Product Details:
Producer: Jason Ninja
5:54 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware, daughter, schoolgirl, sandals, crush, father, college girl, jean skirt, innocent, Katelyn Brooks

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