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Gym Girls Workout Worship

Giantess Katelyn and Sarah Diavola decide they should reward one of their slaves for being so good. And what better than to let him sit in while they work out in nothing but sexy spandex shorts and sports bras. They have him lie down on the floor while they begin their warm ups, starting with squats over his face with their nice round asses. He's such a well behaved slave, they trust him, he won't get any bold ideas... at least not intentionally.

Unexpectedly in mid sentence, Sarah gets a good spontaneous slap on the ass! Astonished, the two stop in a heartbeat-- they can hardly believe he'd misbehave. Well, there goes the reward that they were so generously giving him. Instead, now he's going to have to pay... too bad though, they liked him. No slave could possibly think to act in such a way and get away with it.

In moments the two begin to punish him. Katelyn suffocates the slave with her ass by sitting on his face, while Sarah stomps him into the carpet by trampling him. This keeps going, and it would likely have kept up for awhile, yet disastrously he commits yet another offense!

Amidst mashing his cock with the her foot, Sarah gets a disgusting, wet surprise-- cum. Perhaps they would have let him live with just the one mistake... but two? It's time to end him.

In disappointment, they get off his body and shrink him down. For a while they get their revenge toying with him. He tries to run by their feet, coming close to crushing him several times. They can't let him go fast, the nasty little jerk has to suffer. After they feel they've finally gotten the point of boredom with keeping him any longer, they pin him down with the soles of their bare feet and grind him into nothing. After they mock his tiny remains they leave him as a mere stain on the carpet and walk off to play with the next well mannered slave.

This video features double domination, spandex shorts, ass / booty tease, facesitting, trampling, shrinking, and sneaker / crush / sock pov!

Guest Stars: Sarah Diavola and Jason Ninja


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
6:09 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
ass, double domination, facesitting, trampling, pov, sneakers, socks, soles, Katelyn Brooks, Sarah Diavola

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