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First Time with Tinies

Giantess Katelyn has invited over Lady Fyre who has become curious about tinies. Katelyn, always happy to indulge newly interested giantesses, has agreed to teach her a few things about the world of shrunken ones. First she introduces Giantess Fyre to them, and tells her how all of the surrounding tinies WANT to get played with, crushed, swallowed, and completely dominated even if it means their life!

Yes, they're begging for it! And those who aren't begging get a sexual thrill out of the predator prey aspect, so they still want it! Katelyn continues to explain their sexuality to her while inviting her to do whatever she wants with them. Lady Fyre curiously joins in with Katelyn and crushes them underfoot, licks them off the table, crushes them under ass against the glass surface, and inquisitively watches Katelyn demonstrate her unlimited power over them. They save some for later, for filming, and Katelyn also gives her a shrinking device so that she can start collecting her own tinies too!

This video features various sized tiny people props, high heel crush, barefoot crush, glass table views of vore and ass crush, and more!

Guest Star: Lady Fyre


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
10:15 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
crush, pov, ass, soles, vore, high heels, glass table, two girls, redhead, brunette, Katelyn Brooks, Lady Fyre


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  1. Bill's Avatar
    This was a great video! loved what she did here. It was really cool to here the fetish explained as if it was real.

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