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Exotic Bug Vore PoV

Katelyn Brooks and Sarah Diavola are attempting to tan in their colorful bikinis, but a pesky bug - you - is getting in the way of their relaxation. They blow on you, brush you off, and attempt to swat you before realizing you're the exotic bug they've heard so much about.

Rumor has it that your species tastes like candy, so they decide it might be better not to squash you or let you get away. Katelyn manages to grab you out of the air, to the delight of Sarah - both ladies intent on seeing if your taste lives up to reputation.

The two gorgeous tanners playfully lick your helplessly tiny body, passing you back and forth - thoroughly enjoying your sweet taste.

"I wonder what the inside tastes like." //When such terrifying lines are delivered so playfully, I think my heart skips a beat.

It's not long before tongue play isn't enough for the two goddesses, but they'll need a way to share since there's only one of you. Without regard of the horror they're about to inflict, they decide to rip off a couple of your legs and eat them as you watch - you're too delicious to live much longer, anyways.

You taste way too good - and little legs aren't nearly enough to satisfy women hundreds of times your size. Sarah bites off the lower half of your body as you look on in sheer terror - she chews and chews and chews - there must be nothing left. Sarah passes you off to Katelyn - she knows she'll miss you, but is more than eager to end your life. She sets you on her tongue and laughs as she savors your flavor. "We're going to find your family!" Sarah says as your world fades to black. Katelyn swallows you whole and enjoys feeling you slowly slide down her throat.

The two girls, addicted to your flavor, go off in search of your friends and family - their lives will only be worth a moment of tasty enjoyment.

This video features POV, handheld, dismemberment, mouthplay, and vore.

Guest Star: Sarah Diavola


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
7:27 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, mouthcam, two girls, pov, bikini, tanning, outside, outdoors, flying, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. blackskies's Avatar
    Awesome video! Katelyn and Sarah have some amazing chemistry in this video and play off each other perfectly. I hope to see a sequel!

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