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The HS Sluts New Dildo

You were the one who took Katelyn's virginity - and to be quite honest, she wishes she gave it to a man who were better equipped. She's moved on to better, bigger, men while you went around school claiming she was a slut just because she decided to stop sleeping with the pathetic excuse for a man you are. In order to stop your rumors, she decides to use her special powers to shrink you into her own personal living sex toy.

"I'm going to keep you hidden in my nightstand, beneath my panties and my toys."

Seeing your new fragile little body laying beside her beautiful, soft, bare feet gives Katelyn the perfect opportunity to get some revenge. She presses your body into the asphalt - "Does it feel like I can just crush you like a bug?" She holds back the temptation. Having you as a living dildo seems much more appealing, at least for now.

Katelyn picks you off the ground, fully aware of how much it turned you on to be pinned beneath her foot. Constricted in her hand, she rubs you across her legs and thighs telling you how the rest of your life will be spent serving the sexual desires of a high school 'slut' - she squeezes harder, reminded of the rumors you spread in lustful jealousy.

If you do a good job, maybe she'll share you with her girlfriends once she gets bored with you... and if you do a bad job, she can always eat you. She ate a shrunken man once, but has never tried swallowing one whole before. Katelyn teases you by rubbing your body across the belly that may one day be your tomb, before having a little fun with you in her cleavage.

Unable to wait until she gets home, she shoves you down her panties beneath her tight beige skirt - giggling as you squirm in anxiety for the things to come. She plans on keeping you there on the entire walk home, and this first night could just be your most dangerous.

"Welcome to your new world."

This video features verbal humiliation, shrinking POV, realistic doll (5 to 6 inches tall), foot play, dirty feet, light crush, handheld, vore talk, cleavage play, upskirt, and panty play.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:29 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
slut, small penis humiliation, shrinking, realistic doll, 5 inch, 6 inch, shrunken man, school girl, upskirt, outdoors, outside, bleachers, verbal humiliation, legs, thighs, panties, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Vai Brader's Avatar
    Vai Brader
    My favorite part is at the end when She slips him into the front of Her panties, pulls down Her skirt, and walks away with him trapped there. If Katelyn has done any other videos of this, walking around in public with a little man, about that size, riding in the hammock of Her panties, and other people are simply unaware, please let me know. That is so... hot!

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