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Gentle Airplane Play at the Beach

"Clear skies and favorable winds as far as the eye can see. We might even arrive early." Thought the Captain, but uncharted turbulence would soon be in store.

Miles away, the always beautiful Katelyn Brooks lay soaking up the sunshine of the San Francisco shoreline - but a relaxing day at the beach isn't enough for Katelyn. With the aid of a handheld shrinking device, kept in the bottom of her bikini, she pulls an entire Boeing 777 out of the blue sky for some 'gentle' fun.

Playfully, Katelyn flies the plane over her body - telling the helpless passengers and crew how lucky they are to get to experience the sight of such a beautiful goddess. She tells them how much she loves sucking on the people she shrinks, before engulfing the cockpit in the darkness behind her lips - feeding herself on the absolute terror she must be causing. Continuing her play, she places the aircraft in her cleavage and gently squeezes her breasts around the fuselage, explaining how her gentle mood means she won't be crushing or eating anyone today - probably.

She places the lucky 777 beneath the strap of her bikini bottom, and entertains the thought of an airplane shaped tan line. "Can this be our little secret if I don't crush you? Or eat you? Or keep you as my pets?" Katelyn asks the little people, before letting them continue their trip mostly unharmed.

This video features model airplane play, shrinking, micro, breast/cleavage play, and mouth play!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:21 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken airplane, micro, mouth tease, boob play, gentle, beach, bikini, belly, stomach, cleavage, sand, Katelyn Brooks

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