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Tied up by Tiny Men

A group of fearless tinies stake out the room of a giantess, hidden, and waiting patiently. Their goal? To capture her and drag her back to their world, even at the risk of being crushed in the process. Though the Why remains a mystery, it is clear that they are determined.

They drug her drink so that their colossal beauty sleeps deeply enough during the preparations of her travel. The group is fast to work at tying her up while exploring the length of her body-- admiring the size of her hands and feet-- they labor tirelessly in wrapping her in tightly corded ropes.

First they begin with her wrists, making sure that if she unexpectedly emerges from her slumber, she'll have a hard time doing much of anything with them. Especially with her pinkies so tightly strapped together. Who knew how hard it would be to grab stuff, especially quick little men, if you didn't have the use of your littlest fingers?

Next they entrap her feet. A duo of trouble makers make the journey and begin their work with the toes. Carefully the shrunken ones interweave their bindings between each individual toe, making sure not to damage the soft, pristine soles with such rough ropes, and finally finish off the job at the ankles.

Relentless, diligent... or perhaps not... one tiny man working at anchoring her waist gets a bit distracted with something else... After enjoying himself thoroughly in her voluptuous mound, the tiny completes his task at her waist. Just in time too, as the giantess awakes!

This video features animated tiny men who drug Katelyn's drink and then tie her up as she's sleeping. When she awakens, she helplessly struggles to get free, and surrenders to be taken to their tiny people world.

Special thanks to Howard for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:21 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sleeping, bare feet, hands, shrunken men, tied up, rope, struggling, shrunken man, in panties, insertion, pussy, shorts, bedroom, Katelyn Brooks, tiny people, bound

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