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The Bratty District Attorney

Katelyn is a very successful and highly paid district attorney. She has a reputation for being tough on men who break the law, and takes great pleasure in getting them sent away for long prison terms for relatively minor infractions. In fact, she loves thinking of guys spending years of their lives in miserable confinement while she is enjoying her wonderful life outside. And it is especially gratifying to her that all of her wealth, power and privilege is at their expense. Obviously, she has a very high opinion of herself, and is very bratty and teasing and condescending--as well as devastatingly beautiful.

Now she has pulled off her greatest scam, and is just thrilled and bubbly about it. A guy who she used to know in high school has made quite a success of himself as a high-tech inventor. He had the hugest crush on her in school, but obviously she just tortured and teased him and wouldn't give him the time of day. He contacted her because he wanted to show her his new secret invention--a shrinking ray--that is going to make him a multimillionaire. He thinks she will be impressed with the money and finally go out with him. Unfortunately for him, Katelyn is way to smart for that. She tricks him into bringing the device over to her house so she can see it. He foolishly demonstrates it on himself to impress her, and she quickly scoops him up and puts him in a little cage. This is where the video begins, as a POV from inside the cage.

SCENE FADES IN: [Katelyn is looking down into cage and smiling mischievously and teasingly.]

KATELYN: "Hi John, how do you like your new home! How stupid were you to bring this shrinking ray over? Did you actually think this was going to get me to go out with you?? You're dumber that you were in high school! But one thing hasn't changed, [very teasing and sing-song voice] I am still superior to you and will always win! HA HA!"

"Oh this is so great! I am going to make so much money off of this! In fact, I know a patent attorney who is my absolute slave, and he will get working on it tomorrow! Yes, I'm going to be extremely rich and get all the credit from your hard work! HA ha. [laughs and teases him unmercifully]. Doesn't it just drive you crazy that you did all the work and I am going to get all the credit?" "Hmmmm? But what should I do with you. I could make some trumped up charges and get you set to jail for the rest of your life? [smiles teasingly down on him] yes, that would be fun for me, thinking of you languishing away in jail while I'm having the most wonderful life! Hee hee. Too bad for you! Or... [her face breaks into a sly, teasing smile] maybe I'll just keep you like this for a while, and torture you now and then, and when I'm bored I'll just squash you and flush you down the toilet!"

"Hey are you looking at my butt?! [she starts laughing] Oh my god, you are so pathetic! Here I am tormenting you and you're still turned on by me. [she turns, showing her beautiful butt in yoga pants, and moves it in a swaying, seductive and teasing fashion up to the cage] You like this? Well you can look all you want but you'll never touch it! Hee hee! Oh this must be sooo much torture for you! Ha ha! Just look at what you will never have and eat your heart out! Mmmm, this is so much fun for me."

"But, I have to get dressed to go out tonight. I guess I'll let you watch." [she turns her butt towards him again and slowly takes her pants down revealing lacy, opaque panties covering her butt (I will send these - Griff). She wiggles it and teases him again, all the while laughing and teasing him. She gets dressed in nice clothes, always making sure he can see her butt very close up. When she is done she looks back down at him].

"Well, I'm off to have some drinks with friends. Hope you I won't be too long or you might starve or something [laughs]. I think I'll also turn the heat way up so you suffer while I'm gone and can't sleep! Bye-byee! Have fun thinking about what I'm going to do to you! [Walks away sashaying he butt then stops and looks back over her shoulder, smiling devastatingly and teasingly]. Oh, and I hope your not afraid of the dark!"[Scene fades to black].

Special thanks to John for all of the wonderful gifts!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:07 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken man, cage, POV, panties, ass, yoga pants, shrinking device, business woman, Katelyn Brooks

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