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A Bus Full of Pleasure

Katelyn awakens nude, horny, rubbing her pussy and arching her back, from a very sexy night of sleep. She locks eyes with the bus on her nightstand- they didn't drive off, so now it's reward time as promised. With a graceful sweep she brings the bus from the flat surface of the table to her thrusting pussy, gives the bus a kiss and drives it down south along her smooth skin, lubes up, and starts to fuck the entire bus full of passengers.

Ooo, ahhh, mnnhhh, yeah... she pushes it inside her warm, tight pussy, and fucks it with increasing speed. Lusting for even more stimulation she grabs her slave, a shrunken woman, out of the nightstand to suckle her breasts and clit as she brings herself to a squirting climax using her most favorite toys. But that's still not enough for her!

Next, she brings the soaked bus to her steamy, warm, dripping, morning shower. Moving the bus along the shower floor with her bare sole sends waves of stimulation up her body... and with having learnt how to have multiple orgasms, she's already rubbing herself again! This time she gets a bit kinky by teasing to crush the bus, lowering her ass onto it, pissing all over it, and rubbing herself harder and harder with the shower of water fogging up the windows and clearing them up again only for her to get off crushing the buss and cumming over its remains.

Don't think that's the reward the full bus full of people thought they were going to get... but it sure was a reward of sorts for them in Katelyn's mind!

Special thanks to Ian for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
17:05 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pussy, insertion, pov, bus, piss, shrunken woman, boobs, nipples, tits, bare feet, foot fetish, crush, shower, soles, masturbation, squirt, squirting, bedroom, morning


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  1. Taran's Avatar
    Hi! I bought this clip two days ago and I was blown away. By now I've seen a few clips with girls putting toy cars in their pussies, but Katelyn towers over them. Because she IS a giantess at heart. She cums on that bus and she enjoys every moment with the tiny vehicle inside her. I only wish (this would be the only way this clip was better than the 12/10 points -yes, 12 of 10 points- I'd give it now...) - Kate was inside a tiny model town (so she was a giantess and the bus normal sized) - she would sit on a few cars after - she had stepped on some (cars, people, houses) already to get to that bus (meaning some cars could be seen under her fantastic butt while she masturbates) - the lubricant had been added between takes - one of her giant girlfriends helped her and we'd get a bit of giantess lez-out (I admit, the doll was a distraction in my eyes) - they'd keep commenting how small the bus is to them, but they know it's like twenty tons of steel and yet so fragile and delicate. - after the orgasm drop the bus and while kissing your girlfriend passionately, trample the bus flat. - some screaming like in Rachel's shrunken bus would be nice, too! But guys, keep in mind that this clip is super-awesome as it is. Plus some real nice POV shots of Kate's luxurious body are always a very hot treat. In the shower!!! Again, 12 of 10 points. 20/10 with the changes I've stated. Thanks, my goddess, for this fantastic clip!
  2. Joseph's Avatar
    The opening part of this vid is pretty standard but the shower scene is a master piece. Lots of teasing, the best pee scene on this website, and a certain casualness that is what I love to see in giantess content.

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