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The Stolen Towel

Katelyn finishes fapping herself off in the shower and gets out to find that her towel is missing. Brrr! She walks to laundry room where she's sure she'll find it, all while unawarely crushing three shrunken soldiers along the way. One in the hallway carpet, one on the stairs, and one on the hardwood floor. Once she arrives to the laundry room she opens the dryer... and in wonderment where her towel could be, another shrunken soldier is pinned and crushed underneath her massive (in comparison) bare sole.

Maybe it's somewhere in her room. Has to be! She heads back up and finds it within a few steps around her room. However, she wasn't expecting to find an entire army of soldiers along with it, blocking it off. What the fuck?!

Katelyn understands... they must be there to to avenge the cities she's crushed. What were they thinking stealing a Giantess' towel, though?! If it was to get her attention, they sure got it, but it looks like their plan has failed because Katelyn doesn't feel anything from their attacks and weapons. She even gets closer... but nope... the only thing she CAN feel is them crushing beneath her giant bare feet.

Too bad for them! It's been a while since Katelyn's crushed anything too, so it feels really good to be doing so again. She takes her time at first crushing just one... to... a few... a group of them... and then finishes off by crushing the rest within less than a mere minute. If there are any survivors, she may be back to find them.

Now that she has her towel she goes off to the bathroom and gets ready. Before getting dressed and leaving, she finds a lone survivor underneath her bed. He'll now be her new -slave-. Unlike a pet, she won't be taking care of him. If he's hungry, he will scavenge the floors for food. If he's thirsty, he'll have to hope she put ice cubes in her cup so he can climb the table and lick the water droplets for hydration.

And if he ever finds himself in her path then he must get the fuck out of the way. Katelyn will not go out of her way for hi, even if it's just taking a wider step or grabbing her cup higher or lower to miss crushing him. This all sounds very terrifying to him, and it doesn't end there.

The Giantess also has a big white cat. So if he doesn't want to get patted to death like a mere bug under his fuzzy paw, then he'll have to learn to be very sneaky. Shouldn't be a problem as he is a soldier after all.

And one more thing. Katelyn raises her voice- if there are any other survivors in the room then she'll give them FIVE minutes to come to the center of the room. If not, then anyone other than the shrunken man at her feet will be CRUSHED if she finds them.

This video features a brief fapping in the shower scene, unaware crush of army soldiers in a walkover and pov style, extreme pov under soles, hunting for a towel and discovering an army, custom painted shrunken soldier crush under bare feet with a pov views included, and an underfoot sitting view from the last soldier's pov to end as Katelyn makes him her new slave!

Special thanks to Michael for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:45 minutes
1280x720 H.264
unaware, bare feet, crush, extreme pov, soles, shrunken soldiers, army figurines, fapping, shower, nude, foot fetish, pink toe nails, Katelyn Brooks

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