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Matt's Thong Fantasy Come True

Katelyn comes walking into the laundry room to check up on everything and to her enjoyment, her laundry is dry and her shrunken slave Matt survived which means it's booty play time! He's super excited that he's survived and he loves the view of Katelyn from insider her dryer as she looks in at him and rubs her ass on the rim of the opening before grabbing her ass and carrying him upstairs in the armful of thong packed clean laundry. He gets tossed onto the bed with everything and she peels her cute fleece shorts down... she has no panties on and picks a sexy Victoria's Secret thong up and slips it up her soft legs and up her ass crack.

Her ass is tight, round, and Matt loves how the thong looks on her. There are so many to choose from so she picks another pair from the pile to tease him with, as she brings him closer and closer to her soft skin while rocking her thonged ass round and round. She likes the little bit more of coverage that the second thong has because it'd make for the perfect net to keep a tiny trapped against her crack! With this said, she lifts Matt even closer to her and slips her thong over, revealing her beautiful asshole, and lowers it closer and closer to his shrunken size.

He starts struggling underneath her asshole and she bounces up and down ontop of him, not promising that he wont get crushed. He survives the bouncing so next up is some thong play. She pushes him into the back of her thong and readjusts herself... enjoys him some there and then pushes him deep inside. He stops moving all together after only so many seconds of getting pushed up her asshole. Looks like he's suffocated being up her ass but she doesn't care. He felt good while he lasted and now she's off to grab an anal toy to finish herself off.

This video features looking at Katelyn from inside her dryer, getting carried in a pile of laundry up the stairs, a sexy shrunken view (on the bed in a pile of clean laundry) of Katelyn giving a booty tease in two Victoria's Secret thongs, booty bed bouncing, light insertion and anal suffocation theme.

Special thanks to Matt for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:26 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
ass pov, thong, booty tease, bouncing, ass crack, Katelyn Brooks

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